For a better future. Together.

HMETC (Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center) is part of the world-renowned Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands, and it is the company’s sole research and development center in Europe.

The purpose of HMETC is to make sure that every car meets the demanding standards of the European customer and is adapted to the needs of that specific market. With the fast progress in network and technology, we strive to create the best possible solutions for a better future.

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Today Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center is the only R&D Center in Europe with more than 400 employees from over 25 countries.

Three innovative brands. Together.

As a Research and Engineering Center, we do more than outstanding cars for Hyundai, KIA and Genesis. With more than 400 highly qualified employees, we work on developing sustainable, people-focused mobility solutions for all car brands in our group.

Who we are.

In order to build on the success story in Korea, Hyundai Motor Company started R&D Centers for all main markets worldwide. The purpose of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center is to make sure that every Hyundai, KIA and Genesis which comes to Europe meets the demanding standards of the European customer and is adapted to the needs of that specific market.

What we do.

At the heart of our work at HMETC are, of course, engineering achievements in research. So we don’t just take care of efficient drives, easy-to-use charging solutions or optimal aerodynamics – we also develop innovative surfaces or comfortable chassis. And we test our ideas on real prototypes.

Sometimes even on the Nürburgring. That’s how we ensure precisely the performance for which our three strong brands stand.

Where we are.

The city of Rüsselsheim is located in the heart of the Rhine-Main region and is part of the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main. The appealing surroundings and optimal transport links to highways and the international airport in Frankfurt make it the ideal location for HMETC and its approximately 400 employees.

About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company has grown into a leader in Korea’s automobile industry and is among the biggest vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The fast advances in technology and networks shapes the future transformations of the company. Thus the Hyundai Motor Company proclaims a new vision for future mobility aiming to create more value beyond the constraints of time and space and all its affiliates working together organically to accelerate progress towards their dreams