You. We. Together.​

Creating a working atmosphere where our employees feel comfortable to evolute is our goal. Our company size of around 400 employees supports a familiar atmosphere  where you will get to know your colleagues of different areas very quickly. A welcoming, helpful and friendly cooperation is what you can expect from HMETC. Most of us are on a first name basis which reduces barriers and facilitates making contacts.

Shared values. Shared success.

We at HMETC have our roots in Korea, which is reflected in our day-to-day work and alignment as well in our corporate culture. Belonging to a globally successful company means having a strong backbone, while benefiting locally from the advantages of a medium-sized company. We aspire to work among colleagues and talents who represent our values of dedication, creativity, passion, collaboration and a global mindset – fostered by dialogue, feedback and appreciation.

Working. Together.

We believe that the performance and the well-being of our employees are inseparably linked. Working at HMETC should be more than just a job! Therefore, we create a working environment where employees feel energized and comfortable. In addition, regular events at which our employees from different countries and their families can get to know each other better are part of our everyday life. There is also the possibility to meet your colleagues outside the office as we frequently offer different
activities outside HMETC after work.

Summer event with our families
Our annual family day enables our employees to give their families a glimpse of their workplace and to combine their work and private lives. The vibrant atmosphere along with good music, great food, and fun games make this day a special event to which you can look forward to.
Celebrating the year's success
It is a nice tradition to spend contemplative hours together before Christmas. With delicious cookies and hot drinks we let the year end together with our colleagues. Afterwards, everyone can enjoy their Christmas vacation and start the new year freshly strengthened.
Light and spacious offices
The HMETC building was constructed in 2003 and will impress you by its light and spacious offices. The modern environment ensure that you settle in quickly and you feel comfortable here at all times.
A fantastic place to work
We don't just work at the desk! Communicative areas within the departments provide the opportunity for intensive exchange with colleagues. Our vending machines and cost-free high quality coffee machines as well as water dispensers enable you to exchange new ideas.
Healthy body, healthy mind
The healthier the body, the easier it is to be motivated to work. At our in-house canteen we therefore offer a range of European, Asian and Vegetarian meals, which are not only healthy and delicious but also free of charge for all our employees. In order to keep you physically fit HMETC offers a variety of sports activities and maintains cooperation with gyms and health counselors.
In the middle of an exciting region
As HMETC is located in the Rhein-Main area right next to the motorway, you can easily reach famous cities as for example Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Wiesbaden, which are all close by. Let the evening end at the Main river in Frankfurt or enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere in Mainz.