As diverse as life.

At the heart of our work at HMETC are, of course, engineering achievements in research. So we don’t just take care of efficient drives, easy-to-use charging solutions or optimal aerodynamics – we also develop innovative surfaces or comfortable chassis. And we test our ideas on real prototypes.
Sometimes even on the Nürburgring. That’s how we ensure precisely the performance that our three strong brands stand for.

But beyond that, there are many other exciting fields of activity. Product Planning, Regulations, Project Operations, IT, Finance or Design – the spectrum of our tasks is as diverse as life itself.

Together we work on developing sustainable, people-focused mobility solutions. With the fast progress in network and technology HMETC (Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center) strives to create the best possible solutions for a better future. For future sustainable growth the organization relies on its current employees and future talents: people who are open-minded, realize
new possibilities and work together towards the dream of a better future.

Our areas of work.

Corporate Functions.

Our corporate functions ensure that the internal organization functions flawlessly supporting our research and development departments.  

Together we work on the success and continuous growth of HMETC covering the areas of Human Resources, Legal, General Affairs, IT, Finance and Global Sourcing.

In all these areas we are always looking for new open-minded colleagues; people who are ready for new things and for change because we ourselves are also constantly reinventing ourselves.