Shared values. Shared success.

We at HMETC have our roots in Korea, which is reflected in our day-to-day work and alignment as well in our corporate culture. Belonging to a globally successful company means having a strong backbone, while benefiting locally from the advantages of a medium-sized company. We aspire to work among colleagues and talents who represent our values of dedication, creativity, passion, collaboration and a global mindset – fostered by dialogue, feedback and appreciation.

International environment
We are a Korean company which is rooted in our values and working style. To strengthen collaboration and foster exchange we communicate daily with our headquarters in Korea. This is facilitated by our Korean colleagues and coordinators who are appointed in Germany for a certain period in alternating rotation. Our Korean coordinators help us to implement aspects of our headquarters into our daily business while adding European values in exchange.
Flat hierarchies
Quick decision making, simplified communication and exchange lines are enabled by our flat hierarchies. This helps us to empower employees to implement ideas and work autonomously having the opportunity to have professional exchange with their superiors on equal terms.
A healthy work-life balance ensures that our employees stay motivated and energetic. At HMETC you can track your working hours using our time recording modules. Overtime can be used for leisure time and additionally to our 30 days holidays we offer our employees special vacation days for special occasions, because we respect and understand familiar circumstances.
Respect is the key to success
At Hyundai Motor Company and HMETC, we believe in the power of uniqueness, equity and belonging for people with all their differences – in our society and in our workplace. The diversity of our employees, their backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, and the appreciation of their individual differences are the foundation of our success. We believe that a corporate culture focused on diversity, equity and inclusion is important for creativity, innovation and inventiveness.
Nobody is perfect
This understanding is an important part of the culture at HMETC. But this requires pioneers who talk openly and honestly about things that didn't go well. We want to support our employees in having the courage to try new things, to take the risk of failure and to get back up after a mistake, reflect on it and learn from it. Together.

Great diversity. One Team.

We are proud to be an international company with employees who have their nationalities and roots in over 30 countries. An intercultural exchange of views and ideas characterizes HMETC and makes our working culture so special. This also means that our corporate language is English and the main
communication is organized in English. Nevertheless each of us can choose the language they feel at ease to talk to their colleagues at the next desk, in the hallway or canteen.